Schindler Ahead

Advanced adaptive maintenance and remote services based on real-time data

With the Technical Operations Centers (TOCs), the service of the future is already a reality. Schindler constantly monitors communications between elevators, escalators, and the outside world.

The Technical Operations Centers (TOCs) form a global network that sees elevator and escalator specialists work side by side with data analysts. Together, they continuously monitor and analyze all the performance data from elevators and escalators transmitted via the Schindler Ahead Cube, as well as feedback from service technicians in the field, and even weather data. TOC employees are able to detect abnormal developments immediately and discuss them with the service technicians responsible for the installations in question to find appropriate solutions. In the event of a breakdown or a technical issue, customers are assured to receive quick and competent support.

Schindler ensures high quality with its global standards. The Global TOC in Berlin defines and certifies standards and tools worldwide and fosters innovation among local TOCs.