Digitalizing building portfolios to drive performance and sustainability

BuildingMinds leads the real estate sector toward a sustainable future with data-driven solutions – helping to transform the net-zero vision into reality.

With its ESG management platform, BuildingMinds helps real estate decision-makers execute data-driven strategies to drive decarbonization, increase peopleʹs well-being, and turn future business risks into opportunities.

The start-up above the rooftops in central Berlin has a very international perspective. Employees from 30 different nations are building the green future of the real estate sector; women make up more than one-third of the team. Schindler has been the sole investor in the company since it was founded in 2019.

Unlike any other real estate data platform, the BuildingMinds SaaS solution is designed to adapt to user needs, use cases and digital maturity of customers. Able to connect to any software or system, the product-agnostic data platform securely stores all information in one single source of truth with a Digital Building Twin. Together with leading partners in the industry and under the roof of the International Building Performance Data Initiative (IBPDI), BuildingMinds develops the first global industry data standard, the Common Data Model for Real Estate. It takes real estate data analytics to a whole new level.

CEO Jens Müller sums up the company’s ideas: “If we are to combine the goal of net-zero by 2050 with economic efficiency, we have to take action now. And we must start seeing buildings no longer as mere physical objects but as information ecosystems that build their value on data.”

Buildings account for 40% of global greenhouse gas production. At the same time, they are the largest consumers of energy. This is where BuildingMinds wants to start because the leverage effect is immense. In fact, 80% of the buildings where people will live and work in 2050 have already been built. Retrofit mea­sures based on data-driven insights will enable harmful emissions to be cut significantly.

The real estate management platform created by BuildingMinds empowers owners and managers to:

  • Profit from full data transparency. Any software system or application can be connected to the BuildingMinds platform – taking data management to a whole new level.
  • Use data for more than just repor ting – from advanced benchmarking to risk calculation and impact analysis
  • Harness new insights to develop actionable roadmaps, from integrated building management all the way through to decarbonization
  • Zurich Insurance is a customer and partner that has already benefited from this offering. “Together with BuildingMinds, we are capturing the power of ESG data to actually lower emissions,” says Roger Baumann, COO and Head Product Development Global Real Estate at Zurich Insurance.

    Sustainability and transformation lie at the heart of BuildingMinds’ business model. With its holistic, data-driven approach for the decarbonization of buildings, the real estate sector can help to create a greener future in a way that makes good economic sense.